Major Sporting Event – Gold Coast (Get on Board)!!!!

Major Sporting Event – Gold Coast (Get on Board)!!!!
Major Sporting Event Gold Coast

Come and be a part of the biggest sporting event held in Australia since Sydney 2000!!!


Dmac Personnel are currently shortlisting for over 400 (Four Hundred) positions for a Major International Sporting Event that will be held on the Gold Coast between early and mid-April this year!

These roles will be available on a casual basis between the 4th of April and the 15th of April with training commencing late March. These positions will be working 11-hour days, 7 days per week during this period. (up to 12 days)


The following pay rates are applicable, in line with experience;


  • $28.25/hr Mon-Friday, $42.60/hr Sat – Sun

Load Zone Attendants

  • $28.94/hr Mon-Friday, $43.64/hr Sat – Sun

Operations Dispatch Officers

  • $30.58/hr Mon-Friday, $46.12/hr Sat – Sun

Bus & Staging Marshalls

  • $31.66/hr Mon-Friday, $47.74/hr Sat – Sun

Yard Supervisors

  • $33.40/hr Mon-Friday, $50.37/hr Sat – Sun

Bus Operations Supervisors

  • $34.88/hr Mon-Friday, $52.60/hr Sat – Sun

Operations Supervisors

  • $34.88/hr Mon-Friday, $52.60/hr Sat – Sun


If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of this Major International Sporting Event, please head back over to the main page at;  to register you interest via the DMAC MAJOR EVENTS LINK!!!!

Alternatively click HERE to create your unique profile using Google Chrome; You will need to create your own username (email address) and password.

Once created, you will also be asked to upload your CV, all tickets and licences; including any inductions you may have. Once complete, we will progress your application and my team will be in contact to discuss these opportunities. We would like to wish you every success in securing this positon and look forward to receiving your application.

Bulk Interviews will begin, Monday the 12th of February!

We are looking to fill positions across the following areas


  • Provide efficient and safe refuelling of buses as directed by the Depot Manager.
  • Complete post-service inspection of the vehicle to detect minor defects.
  • Ensure vehicle is parked in the allocated bay according to the Depot Parking Plan.
  • Ensure all post-service inspections and vehicle defects are recorded in the ETMS.
  • Assist with pre-delivery checks as required

Load Zone Attendants (190 positions)

  • Check spectator tickets and count numbers of spectators in the pedestrian waiting areas (where provided) prior to bus arrival
  • Assist spectators when boarding and alighting from buses
  • Record bus arrival/departure times and passenger counts
  • Advise drivers of passenger count on completion of boarding
  • Respond to customer enquiries and resolve any customer service issues at the load zone
  • Comply with all safety procedures and make positive interventions to ensure the safety of spectators within the load zones
  • Implement local decisions as instructed by Bus Operations Supervisors

Operations Dispatch Officers

  • Allocates vehicles to services in the ETMS.
  • Allocates Drivers to vehicles in the ETMS.
  • Liaises with the Fleet Manager to ensure availability and effective cover in the event of a breakdown, late running or high patronage.
  • Develops the daily Depot Parking Plan to be used as a point of reference for Drivers and other workforce.
  • Assists with driver sign-in process as directed by the Operations Manager. Assists with administration tasks as required.

Bus & Staging Marshalls (150 Positions)

  • Control the movement of buses at the site including directing buses to staging areas, calling buses forward from staging areas to load zones and despatching buses once loaded
  • Make positive interventions to avoid conflict between buses, other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Ensure the safety of staff and spectators and compliance with all site safety procedures
  • Call buses forward in a timely manner to ensure the capacity of load zones is fully utilised
  • Implement local decisions as instructed by Bus Operations Supervisors

Yard Supervisors

  • Ensures vehicles are dispatched in accordance with the Depot Parking Plan and Service Schedules.
  • Provides on-site support and assists Drivers with locating their vehicle within the Depot prior to the commencement of services.
  • Ensuring that the VAPP is affixed to the vehicle prior to departing the depot.
  • Liaises with the Fleet Manager in the event there is a mechanical issue with a vehicle.
  • Liaises with the Operations Dispatch Coordinator if a vehicle is unavailable for its allocated service, and to arrange a back-up vehicle.
  • Monitors vehicle dispatch, ensuring the vehicle has its required VAPP on display prior to departing the Depot.
  • Ensures the safety of the workforce in the Depot and complies with all site safety procedures.

Bus Operations Supervisors (36 positions)

  • Manages operation of shuttle bus services at their site(s)
  • Manages the Bus & Staging Marshals and Load Zone Attendants including resolving all staffing issues
  • Monitors operations within the bus staging areas and load zones to ensure the safety of staff and spectators and compliance with all site safety procedures
  • Ensures all customer information displays within load zones are correctly positioned and kept up to date
  • Makes positive interventions to ensure that the bus operation is regulated and to maintain and improve service performance
  • Liaises with the TMR Transport Facility Supervisor and the representatives of other organisations working at the site e.g. traffic management contractor, parking contractor, station staff

Operations Supervisors

  • Allocating resources and making ongoing changes to the roster to meet requirements
  • Responsible for people rostering and absenteeism and day to day availability of people
  • Ensuring all work allocated to staff complies with National Fatigue guidelines
  • Conducting reviews to determine cause of accidents/collisions by staff members
  • Responsible for ensuring and overseeing preventative and breakdown maintenance 
and repair
  • Responsible for scheduling of maintenance and repairs to ensure these do not interfere 
with vehicle availability
  • Responsibility for coordinating vehicle availability and quality, ensuring clean, fuelled 
and appropriately maintained assets
  • Communicating with external and internal parties


So, please get on-line, register your interest and GET ON BOARD!!!!


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